About Us

Bonnett Properties was founded in the 1970’s in Fountain Valley, CA and began as a real estate investment company in residential multi-family properties and retail shopping centers.

Charles Bonnett Self Portrait for About UsFounded by Charles A. Bonnett, Bonnett Properties grew rapidly, acquiring over 50 multi-family residences and 5 retail shopping centers throughout Orange County, CA.

As the company grew, Charles Bonnett recognized the substantial long term growth opportunities in Bend, OR.  As a result, the company began making investments and started commercial development projects throughout the city of Bend.  Because of these developments, Bonnett’s commercial properties have positioned the company to lead Bend’s growth for decades to come.

In addition to local development, the Bonnett family has strong beliefs and passions for investing in Bend’s community projects and initiatives.   Among the family’s many community contributions, was their involvement in Oregon State University’s (OSU) obtaining a building for their Graduate Studies program at a considerable savings.  In addition, the family has been a strong contributor to OSU’s fund raising efforts to establish a four year university within the city of Bend.  The family also enjoys contributing to many local Bend charities.Bonnett Properties Logo v2

Today, Bonnett Properties, owns 25 buildings with over 350,000 square feet of commercial space. The companies are co-managed by Charles Bonnett and Bill Bonnett.  With additional family members’ involvement in the company and interests in Bend, Bonnett Properties is well positioned to lead Bend’s progress well into the 21st Century.